He’s Sharing His Mom’s Secret Brisket Recipe, Which Is Perfect For Easter Dinner

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Of course, the most popular entrées served at the Easter meal are ham and lamb. You can certainly opt for tradition and make lamb loins.

But ham and lamb aren’t the only main dishes to choose from for the holiday. Beef brisket is also worthy of a spot on your Easter dinner table.

Easter is a holiday that celebrates new beginnings, as it occurs during springtime, a season that signifies a fresh start.

So if you hate ham and want to try something new this year, set your sights on a brisket roasted in the oven.

Beef brisket is both a homey comfort food and a picture of sophistication so it will be a stunning centerpiece for the holiday feast.

TikToker Jason (@chophappy) is sharing his mother’s secret recipe for an Easter brisket. Jason has fond memories of growing up as a little kid in New Jersey, and this brisket is at the core of his remembrances.

When Easter came around, he would always be woken by a pleasant beefy and garlicky smell permeating the house.

And Jason and his siblings would often sneak a piece before the guests arrived because it was just that irresistible!

The secret to his mother’s fall-apart tender brisket is to tuck the meat into a massive heap of caramelized onions and onion soup mix. Who knew?

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only

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