His Coworker Has Feelings For Him, And She Told Him That She Would Leave Her Boyfriend So They Could Be Together

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever been in a relationship that felt rushed? Or perhaps you’ve been with someone who had just left a previous long-term relationship?

One man is unsure of what he wants after his co-worker told him she would leave her boyfriend so they could be together. 

He’s been working with a woman named Sophia for a while now. Over the past two months, they’ve been on the same schedule, so she’s been giving him rides to and from work. 

He and Sophia get along quite well. It’s easy for them to talk to each other, and whenever they’re at work together, they have a good time. They developed a tight bond. 

Although he and Sophia haven’t done anything romantically, he feels like a jerk because Sophia has had the same boyfriend for a few years. Recently, she told him that her boyfriend is jealous of their friendship and feels insecure about the amount of time they spend together. 

As not to interfere with her relationship, he told Sophia that she didn’t have to drive him to work anymore, but she brushed it off and said everything was fine. Well, everything was not fine, as a few weeks ago, Sophia had a breakdown while dropping him home after work. 

“We have been having some really deep talks about how she isn’t happy with her relationship,” he said.” He is trying to control her and just isn’t supportive with anything. She talked, and I listened.”

He did his best to stay neutral while talking to Sophia, only giving her his opinion on her situation instead of trying to side with one person or the other. 

Things changed when Sophia revealed that she has feelings for him. She began telling him that she was only happy when she was working or driving with him. Then, she dropped a bomb on him and told him that she was going to leave her boyfriend so that they could be together. 

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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