His Girlfriend Didn’t Ask His Permission Before Using His Credit Card To Pay For Her And Her Friends To Get $300 Worth Of Drinks

C Malambo/ - -illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 24-year-old man has a 22-year-old girlfriend whom he has been dating for more than a year now, and over the weekend, he and his girlfriend went out with a few of her friends.

They wound up going to a club together, and while he was there, he ended up running into one of his own friends.

He really was interested in catching up with this friend of his, so they walked off to head over to a quieter place in the club so they could have an actual conversation.

But, while he was gone with his friend, his girlfriend ended up using his credit card to pay for her and her friends to get drinks.

“In total, they are 5 girls, but their drinks totaled…$306 dollars,” he explained. “My GF just literally paid for them using my card without asking.”

His card was saved on his phone, which his girlfriend had with her, and she just decided to use that to pay.

His girlfriend never asked him if it was ok for her to use his money to pay for her drinks and her friends too, and it’s not something he agrees with.

He never really lets his girlfriend spend his money, let alone allows her to spend his money on her friends. When he realized what his girlfriend had done, he really did get upset, though he did not take it out on her.

He thinks it’s pretty shady that his girlfriend just freely spent his money without stopping to consider his feelings first, and she’s currently ignoring the fact that it happened at all.

C Malambo/ – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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