His Sister Asked Him If He Could Walk Her Down The Aisle At Her Wedding, But He Said No Because He Doesn’t Like How She Has Been Treating His Wife

What he considered to be the last straw was when she said that his wife should stay home on the wedding day because her pregnancy would take away attention from her special day. 

“I called her up yesterday after I found out what she said to my wife, and I told her that I will not be attending the wedding and that she will have to find someone else to walk her down the aisle,” he said. 

Then, he began receiving calls from several members of their family who accused him of trying to sabotage the wedding.

His sister called him herself to say she never liked his wife and called her a nasty name. Their mother has been siding with him, and she’s also been taking a lot of grief from family members. All of the stress has made his wife very emotional.

“I blocked all my relatives (except my mother) and am planning a trip to Disneyland for my wife and me on the day of my sister’s wedding,” he added. 

Do you think there will ever be a way for his sister to make it up to them, or should they steer clear of the wedding until it’s over?

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