She Accidentally Let It Slip That Her Dad Has Secret Children, And Now She Feels Bad

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Have you ever learned something about one of your parents that you low-key wished you hadn’t?

One woman has found herself in a whirlwind of unsettling family drama, most of which stemmed from secret relationships and children her dad had during her childhood years.

Allison is 26-years-old, the eldest child of her dad, James. James and Allison’s mom, Casey, broke up when she was little after it had been revealed that he was unfaithful. 

Recently, Allison spent the summer with her dad’s side of her family – his wife, Lisa, and their three teenage kids, Matt, Thomas, and Miley. 

As it turns out, James had been seeing another woman between his relationships with Casey and Lisa. Her name is Pam, and he had two children with her, a daughter named Holly and a son named Max. 

Being the oldest of her dad’s kids, Allison did know about Holly from the start but didn’t find out about Max until after he was 2-years-old. 

When Lisa first became pregnant, she received a call from Pam, who told her she was pregnant as well. The complicated love triangle forced James into an ultimatum.

His options were to cut things off with Pam and her kids to be with Lisa or maintain a relationship with all his children but lose Lisa as a spouse.

Ultimately, he chose Lisa, which distanced his relationships with the children he had with Casey and Pam – that includes Allison and Holly.

When they were little kids, James would eventually take Holly, Allison, and Matt on outings as a group, but that ended as soon as he decided to cut things off with Pam.

primipil – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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