She Brought Her Toddler Daughter To Disney And Got Accused Of Ruining The Day For Other People Due To Her Daughter’s Behavior

Bostan Natalia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

When this 25-year-old woman welcomed her 3-year-old daughter into the world, she learned that her baby girl had been born with brain damage.

So, her daughter cannot talk and also has difficulty understanding many things. This means that her toddler’s main form of communication is crying or screaming. And when her little girl is happy, she will also make loud noises.

“I want to make this very clear: no amount of discipline or teaching her will ever help this,” she said.

In spite of all these challenges, her daughter has also become enthralled with everything Disney. That’s why this year, she finally decided to bring her toddler to the famous theme park.

Before their visit, she reportedly tried her best to prepare for everything. She planned out what rides they would go on during less busy times. She also brought activities and toys in hopes of distracting her daughter during the long wait times.

But, with children, things just happen. And she noticed some people being rude to her and her daughter throughout their day.

For instance, there was one group of teenage girls who pointed and laughed. Then, they even took photos of her daughter while the little girl was just trying to eat lunch.

Other parkgoers also rolled their eyes and made snide remarks while her daughter tried to carry each Disney plush toy she saw.

Although, her final straw was not until they were waiting in line for the Toy Story Alien ride. While they were waiting, her daughter was able to see the actual ride from where they were standing. So, naturally, the 3-year-old began to get a bit antsy. She recognized that, too, and tried her best to distract her daughter.

Bostan Natalia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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