She Ditched Her Friend After She Kept Showing Up To Hangouts Late And Blaming It On Her Kid, So Then Her Friend Blasted Her On A Mom’s Group And Called Her Selfish

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This young woman has a friend named Samantha, who is currently a stay-at-home mom to her daughter Katie, who is 4-years-old.

And ever since giving birth to Katie, her friend has always insisted that she travel to their house for all hangouts.

Now, Samantha lives about 45 minutes away from her– which is not exactly a short drive. But she still agreed to drive to Samantha’s house in the beginning because, first of all, she valued their friendship.

“And Katie was Samantha’s first, so I could understand how she would be stressed with a newborn,” she added.

More recently, though, she decided to start putting her foot down and asking Samantha to meet her halfway. After all, she feels like Katie is now old enough to handle being outside and doing other activities as opposed to just hanging out inside Samantha’s house all day.

Honestly, she was also just pretty tired of driving to her friend’s place all the time, too.

And in the past, they had always picked a halfway point to meet up at before Katie was born. So, she figured it wouldn’t be a problem for Samantha, right?

Well, she claimed that for each of their last three hangouts, her friend was over 30 minutes late. Every single time, Samantha also claimed to be entitled to “mom privileges,” meaning that since her friend had to wrangle Katie into the car and get other “mom things” done, it was fine to be late.

“According to her, I wouldn’t understand. I am childless,” she said.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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