She Doesn’t Want To Spend The Rest Of Her Life Feeling Like Her Husband’s Maid, But She Isn’t Sure How To Get Through To Him That This Is Ruining Their Marriage For Her

pikselstock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman and her 34-year-old husband have been married for the past 6 years, though they have been with one another for a decade total.

She would describe her marriage to her husband as fine, but there is one thing that is really making her upset: she does all of their chores around the house, even though they both have jobs and work.

Every couple of weeks, she will ask her husband if he can make sure to put his laundry away, but he never really sticks to it.

She has attempted to sit down and talk to him about how it’s really mentally exhausting for her to have to keep up with all of their chores, and she has also made him a list of all the things she does around the house daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Despite speaking to him and making this list, her husband won’t pitch in and at least put his own clothes away.

“I just feel burnt out,” she explained. “…I just feel more like his mother or his maid than anything else.”

“It’s making me so resentful; if he even asks me to pass him something at dinner, I can feel myself getting annoyed.”

But not only is she so tired, but she’s also just, well, bored. She goes to work and then has to come home to cook for her and her husband as well as clean.

Next, she showers and gets ready for bed, and it’s the same routine every night. If she and her husband do ever go out on a date or do something special, it’s because she’s the one planning it.

pikselstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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