She Has A Recipe For The Cutest Easter Appetizer

TikTok - @macy.blackwell

There are few Easter appetizers that are both delicious and easy to make. Unfortunately, such a combination is hard to come by. To be honest, most of them are tedious and time-consuming.

But here’s one gem of a recipe that checks off all the boxes. It’s fun, simple, and requires only a few basic pantry ingredients.

They will delight everyone, especially the Easter bunny, because they resemble mini carrots.

TikToker Macy Blackwell (@macy.blackwell) has a recipe for the cutest appetizer that she’s sharing just in time for Easter.

Munch on these cream cheese and herb stuffed mini peppers while waiting for the spring feast!

With so many people milling about, it’s nice to have food available for your company. Not to mention, it helps to stave off the “hanger.”

This is an appetizer that you can make ahead and serve cold. It’s ideal for the holidays because the prep time is kept to a minimum.

Plus, they’re keto-friendly and vegetarian, so anyone can enjoy them.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to think big to create something tasty for the whole family.

So let’s get into the recipe. Here’s everything you need to do to make the cutest snack ever!

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