She Just Found Out That Her Husband Of 13 Years Has A Dating App On His Phone And He’s Been Chatting With Other Women

Maria - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old woman has been married to her 34-year-old husband for 13 years now. Not that long ago, she found out that her husband has a dating app on his phone, and he has been chatting with other women on a consistent basis over the course of a couple of months.

When she approached her husband about the dating app, he said he was sorry and that he really did feel remorseful for downloading it in the first place.

Her husband then claimed he was “lonely” and only downloaded the app so that he could “feel desirable.”

Her husband swore that he never met any of the women he was speaking to in real life, but she isn’t positive if she buys this or not.

She knows that every time her husband has been alone, it wouldn’t be that hard for him to have met up with one of the women he was chatting with.

She asked her husband to hand over his phone, so she could see what he had put on the app, as well as the conversations he was having.

“…When I asked to see the app on his phone, he took a very long time to unlock it, and once he finally showed it to me, he quickly scrolled through the messages,” she explained.

“I told him it seemed like he deleted a few things, and that’s why he took so long to show me and, at that point, got upset.”

“The next day, he offered his phone for me to go through, but I declined to say if I have to check my phone, we shouldn’t be in a relationship. And I didn’t want to need to do that from now on.”

Maria – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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