She Kicked Her Sister Out Of Her Engagement Party Because Her Sister Is Trying To Get Famous Online And Caused A Scene While Taking Photos To Post On Social Media

“My sister has also staged ‘fake’ things to post online,” she revealed. “Like one time, she started crying in a Starbucks and made a fake story up about how the barista bullied her.”

Now, she did make it clear that she didn’t actually prohibit her sister from taking any photos at all. She just didn’t want her sister to do anything that would embarrass her at her engagement party.

And come the day of the event, she said that everything had actually started out well. But then, her sister started doing the “antics” again. More specifically, her sister actually stood up on a chair in order to take a top-down picture of her food. So, according to her, all of her guests started staring at her sister in shock.

Then, a waiter actually had to go over and ask her sister to sit down. Rather than listening, though, her sister refused before beginning to argue loudly with the waiter. During that argument, her sister tried to use being the sister of the bride as an excuse. Afterward, her sister even began to sob and claim that she was being bullied.

Obviously, she was completely mortified by her sister’s behavior. And once she realized what was going on, she had the groomsmen immediately escort her sister out of the party. Ever since then, though, her sister has not apologized; instead, her sister actually had the nerve to blast her on social media.

Apparently, her sister accused her of being a jerk and called her out for not handling the situation with more empathy and grace. Her sister also claimed that she could have just provided a warning rather than kicking her sister out immediately.

“And I was kind of panicking, so I wonder if I could have handled it better,” she admitted.

So now, she is not sure whether kicking her sister out of her engagement party for taking photos and causing a scene was the wrong thing to do or not.

Does it sound like her sister always tries to be the center of attention? Do you think her sister might try to pull some more “antics” at her actual wedding? Did she have a right to kick her sister out– especially after having that discussion with her sister before the engagement party? What would you have done?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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