She Never Knew Her Husband Had A Son Until After They Got Married, And Now That Her Stepson Is Moving In With Them, She Wants Her Two Daughters To Share The Basement, But Her Stepson Wants The Space

So, since her husband claimed that Josh had nowhere to go, they needed to rethink their living arrangements. And even though they were not rich, they ended up moving into a two-bedroom home that came with a furnished basement.

Before they filled the kids in on bedroom assignments, though, she decided to voice her opinion about the furnished basement. More specifically, she believed that it was better suited for their two daughters since they would have a much bigger space to share.

After all, they would be hitting teenhood soon, and she did not want her daughters to feel cramped or as if they had no privacy when they needed it. So, she suggested that Josh just take the other bedroom upstairs. And thankfully, her husband agreed.

Once move-in day actually came, though, her entire plan got flipped upside down.

After they got there, her husband apparently told Josh that he would be getting the basement all to himself. Her husband also hyped up the space by telling Josh it would be like his own little living room.

And quite frankly, she was livid. She wound up pulling her husband aside and asking why the plan had been flipped. But her husband had a bunch of excuses.

“He told me Josh was planning to stay here while he goes to college in the future, and it should be fair for him to get a bigger space,” she explained.

While she claimed it would be fine if Josh wanted to stay at their home, though, she pointed out how it still wouldn’t be fair to stuff their daughters– who would soon be teens– into a cramped bedroom with no privacy from each other.

At that point, it appeared as though her husband saw her point but did not want to be the one to tell his son. So, her husband told her to talk to Josh herself, and she did.

She ultimately sat Josh down and explained how she and her husband’s initial agreement was that he would take the upstairs bedroom for as long as he needed.

She also pointed out how that bedroom had a walk-in closet and told Josh that he could get a TV installed in the room for his gaming setup.

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