She Was Going To Pay For Her Daughter And Her Daughter’s Friends To Go On Vacation, But After Her Daughter Said One Of Her Friends Would Look Fat In Photos And Uninvited This Friend, She Canceled The Trip

standret - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 42-year-old woman has a duaghter named Abby who just celebrated her 18th birthday. Abby’s dad Max left her right before she had Abby, but 5 years later, he popped back up looking to be a part of Abby’s life.

Unfortunately, Max has spoiled Abby beyond belief in an effort to make up for lost time. Honestly, she knows that this is the reason by Abby put on a lot of weight in her teen years.

Well, a year ago, Abby decided she wanted to lose weight, so she created a little “milestone reward system” to help support Abby.

Every time Abby reached a milestone in losing weight, she would purchase a small present for her.

Several months back, Abby asked if she could stop getting her small presents and instead pay for a birthday trip vacation for her and her closest friends.

Since she was planning an enormous party for Abby too, she thought it would be fine to put that money into Abby’s trip, along with the money she would have spent on her milestone presents.

Last weekend, she and Abby started getting organized for the vacation.

“I called the other two girls’ parents to confirm the girls would be and learned Abby’s best friend Betty isn’t going,” she explained.

“Betty loves traveling and was looking forward to the vacation so I asked why. Apparently Abby uninvited her because “she is too chubby to look good in pictures.” I calmly talked to Abby and reminded her how Betty would feel being left out for such a reason and she went off with “I didn’t work so hard for this vacation so my pictures will be ruined.”

standret – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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