She Was Mad At Her Sister For Having A Child-Free Wedding, Yet Allowing Their Cousin’s Daughter To Attend, So She Called Her Out And Her Sister Is Saying She Ruined Everything

nastasenko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Although child-free weddings are becoming a trendy choice for engaged couples nowadays, there’s still a chance they can cause a bit of drama between family members. 

One woman is raging after she didn’t bring her infant son to what she thought was her sister’s child-free wedding, only to find that their cousin was allowed to bring her three-year-old.

She and her younger sister are both in their late 20s. She has a four-month-old son who she says everyone in their family loves, especially her sister.

When her sister got engaged and started planning her wedding, she started throwing around the idea of it being child-free.

She was not happy when the invitations came out, and the wedding became officially child-free. She figured that since everyone loved her son, they wouldn’t mind him being there.

She complained to her mother but tried not to make a big fuss. So she complied and hired a babysitter for the night, letting her feelings of disappointment go. 

But when the wedding day arrived, she saw something that made her quite angry. 

“The wedding day comes, and my fiancé and I take our seats and wait for the ceremony to start,” she recalled. “While waiting, I see my cousin sit behind us with her three-year-old daughter. I was shocked!”

She was so surprised and thought it wasn’t right that her cousin brought her daughter. She figured that since her family loves her sister so much, they’d say something to their cousin about the kid being there, reminding her that the wedding was supposed to be child-free. But no, in fact, her mother encouraged her to let it go and told her it didn’t matter that much.

nastasenko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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