She’s Been With Her Boyfriend For 6 Years And He Has Not Proposed To Her Yet, So She’s Wondering If She’s Just Waiting Around For Nothing While Wasting Her Time

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This 31-year-old woman has a 33-year-old boyfriend, and this summer will mark 6 years that they have been together.

Now, she and her boyfriend have discussed getting married and having children, though he has not made an effort to propose to her.

Although she previously wasn’t concerned about any kind of timeline for these relationship milestones, she came across a post on social media not too long ago that has her questioning everything.

She was scrolling through her feed when she came across a video of a man who created little paper rings for his girlfriend anytime they would go to a restaurant to eat.

This man made the rings for 7 years, and then he purchased a real engagement ring for his girlfriend.

“I thought it was adorable and heartwarming,” she explained. “I went to the comments (a mistake, I know) and saw hundreds of people saying, “You made her wait for 7 years?!!?!”

“To be fair, there were also hundreds of comments saying that 7 years isn’t a big deal when you’re thinking you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person. It’s social media, so I do my best to take it with a grain of salt, however…”

“Seeing so many people, men especially, comment on how if a guy takes longer than 2 years to propose, then you should move on kind of rattled me if I’m being totally honest.”

She admits that she has already spent her prime years with her boyfriend, and they have been through some really rough times together.

thelittlebee – – illustrative purposes only

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