She’s Going On Vacation To Her Sister’s Dream Honeymoon Destination, So Now Her Sister Is Threatening To Kick Her Out Of The Wedding If She Doesn’t Vacation Somewhere Else - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you’re somebody’s sibling, sometimes you’re expected to share things or certain moments with them. Some people can’t stand it when they have to share certain things with their siblings and will do whatever they can to have their own moment. 

One woman’s sister has always been insistent on having things to herself. Her upcoming honeymoon is no exception.

Her sister has always been a big fan of weddings and has been planning her dream wedding since childhood.

Now that her sister is finally engaged, she’s been going all out on with planning, booking a fancy venue, buying a designer dress, inviting hundreds of people, etc. 

“She cares a lot about being the ‘the first’ and making everything special and just hers,” she explained. “I legitimately have nothing against that, and I’m happy that she’s getting what she wants.”

Her sister has decided she wants to go to a specific tropical island for her honeymoon. However, it just so happens to be the exact same island where her boyfriend booked her a surprise vacation months ago. 

She had no idea her sister planned on going there until they sat down for dinner recently.

“This was a surprise trip planned and paid for by my boyfriend, who would absolutely have no way of knowing my sister’s plans,” she said. “She says that if I go there first, I’ll take away the surprise and specialness of the destination.”

Her sister is demanding that she chooses a different place to go on vacation. She doesn’t want anyone vacationing where she’ll be honeymooning. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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