She’s Refusing To Attend Her Eldest Daughter’s Wedding Because Her Daughter Is Marrying The Older Brother Of A Girl Who Relentlessly Bullied Her Youngest Daughter In High School

“Mostly consisting of how she was young and didn’t know better. But the bullying continued until they were around 18 or 19,” she explained.

In turn, she did not accept the apology. But, the bully continued claiming that everything happened a long time ago.

She also got told that most people get bullied in school, and she got accused of holding onto issues from the past.

Her eldest daughter even agreed with that too. But, she still made it clear that she was not supportive of her eldest daughter’s engagement with the brother of her youngest daughter’s bully.

Still, her eldest daughter has since announced that the wedding will be in February. So, she wound up refusing to attend the event.

Ever since she made that decision, though, her eldest daughter has been completely furious with her.

She got accused of prioritizing her youngest daughter over her eldest, and she was also told she needed to let things go.

She tried to point out how this was not just something she could let go of so easily. But her eldest daughter still accused her of being unsupportive and selfish.

Then, her eldest daughter’s fiancé tried to talk her into attending the wedding. In the end, though, she held her ground and said she wouldn’t go.

Since then, other members of her family have also gotten involved. In fact, her ex-husband– who is her eldest daughter’s father– claimed that she was just overreacting.

So now, with her eldest daughter furious at her, she has been left wondering whether refusing to attend the wedding is the wrong thing to do or not.

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