A Guy Followed Her In The Mall And Asked Her Out, But Their First Date Was So Bad She Rated It A Negative 1 Out Of 10

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A woman went out on a date with a guy she met at the mall, and to say it went horribly was an understatement. The guy was rude in every conceivable way.

Morgan (@morggst2much) is spilling all the details on TikTok about the date she went on with a guy she came into contact with at the mall.

“He literally had followed me into H&M and was like, ‘I just thought you were so beautiful.’ So I gave him my Instagram, and he was liking everything, commenting on everything, asking me every day when we can go out,” she explained.

Finally, she agreed to go on a date with him at a Thai restaurant, which is one of her favorite cuisines. So things were looking good there.

They had decided to meet at 6:30, but when 6:36 rolled around, he texted her, saying he was twenty minutes away. Naturally, Morgan was upset, so she went ahead and ordered a drink at the bar, along with an appetizer.

Twenty minutes turned into forty, and mall guy still hadn’t shown up yet. Finally, he arrived and greeted Morgan at the bar where she was sitting. But then, he headed upstairs to a table without her, so she had to follow behind awkwardly.

At this point, Morgan did not have much of an appetite. The food she did order was packed in a to-go box. And the conversation wasn’t helping matters either.

During the entire date, he never once asked Morgan anything about herself. Instead, he droned on about things only he was interested in.

Morgan even tried changing the subject four different times, but nothing worked. He continued to revert back to his favorite topic: himself.

smspsy – – illustrative purposes only

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