She Invited A Guy Over To Her House, And It Turned Out To Be The Worst Date Of Her Life After He Walked All Over Her White Carpet With His Dirty Shoes, But Then She Still Agreed To Be His Date To A Wedding

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A couple of years ago, TikTok user @littleplanetsband was seeing a guy, and the relationship wasn’t serious.

They had only been on a few dates, yet all his behavior indicated they were in a long-term relationship. She even ended up being his plus-one to a wedding.

One night, her parents were out of town, so she invited him to spend the night. But when he arrived at her house, he acted like he owned the place. He walked through the front door without knocking, then headed upstairs to shower.

“I was expecting to go upstairs, show him how the shower works, give him a fresh towel, show him what he can use, all that jazz. But no, he goes okay, and he’s gone,” she recalled.

After he came back downstairs, she headed up for her own shower. When she entered her bedroom, she spotted his dirty shoes on her white carpet.

In her household, taking off your shoes at the door was the polite thing to do, so his shoes in the house didn’t sit right with her.

But she decided to let it go and went to the bathroom. There, she found another unpleasant surprise. He had used her towel! It’s just not something you do after only four dates together.

She had been gone for ten minutes when she returned downstairs and saw him asleep on the couch, curled up into a ball. At this point, she was fully disgusted by him and did not plan on continuing this relationship.

Then, he woke up with a question on his mind. His uncle’s wedding was in two weeks, and he wanted her to accompany him.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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