After Her Sister Ate The Very Last Slice Of Cake She Was Saving, She Threatened To Move Out Of Their Apartment, Even Though Her Sister Won’t Be Able To Afford It Without Her

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This 24-year-old girl currently lives with her 27-year-old sister in a little apartment. Mainly, she and her sister get along alright, and they split their household chores.

They also pitch in and share their groceries, and they do buy snacks or desserts to share on occasion.

A week ago, she purchased a tiny cake for her and her sister to share. They each had one slice of the cake, and there was one slice remaining.

She said to her sister that she would like to eat the final slice of cake the next day after work as a treat to herself.

Her sister said she was fine with that plan, but the following day when she arrived home from work, the cake was nowhere to be found.

Her sister owned up to eating it, even though she had said she wanted it. Her sister claimed to have a “moment of weakness” and didn’t think she would really mind at all.

“I got upset and accused her of being selfish and inconsiderate for eating the piece I had been looking forward to all day,” she explained.

“She felt guilty and apologized, but I was still really hurt by her actions. My sister offered to buy another cake or any other dessert of my choice to make it up to me, but I told her it’s not about the cake itself. It’s about her not respecting my wishes and taking something that I had clearly claimed.”

“This incident has made me reconsider living with my sister. I feel like our relationship is strained, and I’m thinking about moving out to have my own space and avoid any further conflicts. However, I’m aware that my sister can’t afford the rent on her own, and if I move out, she’ll likely have to move back in with our parents.”

chandlervid85 – – illustrative purposes only

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