After His Wife Started Complaining That He Wasn’t Helping Out Enough Around The House, He Cut Back His Hours At Work, But Then His Wife Got Upset That They Didn’t Have Enough Money To Spend On Things Like Dates And Getting Her Nails Done

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It’s been said that communication and teamwork are the most important elements for maintaining a strong marriage.

If a partner ever feels like the relationship is one-sided, they need to be able to communicate healthily with their spouse. 

One man has been having many issues with his wife that he hasn’t been able to resolve, and he thinks one of her friends is adding to the drama.

He’s 38 and has a 30-year-old wife. He describes her as an angel of a woman he’s had a great marriage with.

But recently, they’ve been having some issues, and they all started shortly after she made a new friend.

His wife’s new friend is not a great person. She’s immature and prejudiced, and he thinks she’s a bad influence on his wife, as she tends to stick her nose in their marriage. 

A few months ago, his wife asked him if he would do more around the house. This confused him, as he figured he was already doing what he could to pull his weight while working a full-time job. Yes, his wife has to do a lot because she’s a stay-at-home mom, but he does a lot of chores too.

He cooks their family breakfast and dinners when he’s not at work. He also does laundry, takes out the garbage, cleans the bathroom every week, and helps their kids with their homework.

Yet, his wife still insisted that he needed to do more. She would get so heated about the subject that she even threatened to divorce him a few times.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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