An 89-Year-Old Grandpa Shared A Video Of Himself Getting Ready For His First Date In 30 Years, Only To Be Stood Up At The Restaurant

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Unfortunately, when it comes to dating, there are bound to be some no-shows. It’s just the way it goes.

Some people simply don’t have the common courtesy to give their date a heads-up.

It doesn’t matter whether it was a first date or a tenth date. Getting stood up on a date can feel embarrassing and trigger feelings of self-doubt.

But one man took it in stride. An 89-year-old grandpa on TikTok shared a video of himself getting ready for his first date in thirty years only to be stood up at the restaurant.

Grandad Joe (@grandadjoe1933) is a beloved TikTok grandpa with over six million followers. In the viral video that has amassed over a million views, he filmed himself fixing up his hair in front of a gilded mirror.

The text overlay of the video reads, “Come with me on my first dinner date in 30 years!”

Then, he was shown “waiting patiently” at the restaurant and checking his phone to see if she had canceled.

After sitting around for an hour, his date still hadn’t shown up, so he ate alone.

The video ends with him resting his chin on his hands and staring out at the bustling restaurant filled with friends and family members all together.

Song_about_summer – – illustrative purposes only

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