Cauliflower Has To Be The Most Boring Vegetable In The World, But This Soup Is A Unique Addition To Your Easter Menu

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The most boring vegetable in the world has to be cauliflower. It’s typically perceived as the flavorless and colorless version of broccoli. Of course, cauliflower is unappealing when it’s served plain and boiled.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Blow away your relatives on Easter with this creamy cauliflower-centered dish. They’ll never believe it’s made from broccoli’s cousin.

Plus, they’ll probably be enthusiastically hounding you for the recipe in an attempt to get more veggies into their kids, especially after a candy-filled Easter.

Bring out the best in this usually bland vegetable with this three-ingredient recipe for cauliflower soup. All you need is a fresh head of cauliflower, onions, and water or vegetable stock.

It sounds a bit dreary, like something they would serve in that boarding school for orphaned girls in Jane Eyre. But it’s actually a meal of brilliance.

TikToker Kathleen Ashmore (@katcancook) is sharing a recipe for this cauliflower soup that would make a unique addition to your Easter menu.

The recipe comes from Paul Bertolli, the head chef of the Californian restaurant Chez Panisse.

Start by sautéing one sliced yellow onion in a quarter cup of olive oil in a pot on the stove. Add a pinch of salt, then cook the onions on low heat for fifteen minutes until soft. Make sure they don’t brown.

Although this next part is optional, you can fry some almonds for garnish. It will really dress up the soup, so it’s highly recommended!

mateuszsiuta – – illustrative purposes only

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