Even Though He Never Was Attracted To His Girlfriend, He Kept Dating Her Because Of Her Wonderful Personality, But Now He’s Having A Hard Time Overlooking Her Physical Appearance

luismolinero - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old man has a 25-year-old girlfriend named Jane, whom he has been dating for 3 months now.

He and Jane met in their undergrad program, and back then, all of their classes were held over Zoom.

He thought Jane looked pretty attractive on Zoom, and then he found her on Instagram and that she looked great too.

He insists that he never thought he would try to make a move on Jane, but several years after meeting her, he did.

“I decided to ask her out on a date so I can finally meet her in person,” he explained. ” When I met her, I did not think she was as cute as she portrays herself on Instagram; however, I really liked who she was as a person.”

“We share identical humor, personalities, and interest. She also makes me feel valued, asking how my day is going, telling me she misses me, and she always mentions she looks forward to seeing me again.”

He has never dated a woman who did all of these things for him, and he felt that Jane really did care about him.

So, he was willing to look past not being so attracted to Jane because of her wonderful personality, and he ended up asking Jane to be his girlfriend.

Jane agreed, and that’s how they ended up officially dating a couple of months back. As time has gone on, though, it began to sink in for him how much he really was not attracted to Jane in a physical sense.

luismolinero – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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