Ever Since His Wife Passed Away, Her Family Has Been Trying To Get Him To Give Them The $200,000 In Life Insurance Money She Left

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When someone tragically loses a spouse, it’s not only terribly difficult to deal with emotionally, but things become difficult financially for many people as well. Unfortunately, sometimes death can bring out selfishness and greed in others once money gets involved.

One man recently lost his wife suddenly, and now her family members are trying to get him to give them her life insurance money. 

His wife died unexpectedly, and he’s been heartbroken ever since. He misses her terribly. 

When his wife passed, she left him with $200,000 in life insurance money. He used $20,000 of it to cover his wife’s funeral expenses. Now, he wants to keep the rest to ensure he doesn’t go into debt and buy the home he and his wife always wanted. 

However, since her passing, his wife’s family has contacted him, saying they want and need the life insurance money for several reasons. 

His in-laws live in Florida, and their house was damaged during a recent hurricane. So they want the life insurance money to rebuild their home. 

“The thing is, they didn’t have insurance, and I don’t think it’s fair for me to cover their losses with the money that my wife left me,” he said. 

He also has a brother-in-law who said he needed the life insurance money to help pay his college tuition. While he sympathizes with his brother-in-law, he doesn’t understand why he should suddenly be responsible for funding his education.

“My wife left this money to me for a reason, and it’s up to me to decide how to use it,” he explained.

Racle Fotodesign – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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