Her Boyfriend Always Cuddles And Talks To His Teddy Bears, So She Told Him To Grow Up And Stop Acting Crazy

Gypsyaiko - - illustrative purposes only

This young woman is currently in a relationship, and she claims that her boyfriend is honestly a great guy.

“He lives a normal life, makes good money, and the relationship overall is good,” she said.

For context, they also live separately and financially support themselves completely independently– which she is totally fine with.

The only problem, though, is that he still has teddy bears. Seven different ones, to be exact, and each of them has its own name.

It’s not like the teddy bears are from her boyfriend’s childhood, either. Instead, he actually bought them all between three and five years ago.

The first plush toy he got was a Pokémon one. Afterward, the obsession reportedly spiraled, and her boyfriend now cuddles and talks to the stuffed bears on a regular basis.

According to her, her boyfriend doesn’t ignore her in favor of the teddy bears or anything.

“I just find it really weird and embarrassing,” she admitted.

So, she wound up telling her boyfriend that he needed to grow up and “stop being crazy.”

Gypsyaiko – – illustrative purposes only

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