Her Boyfriend Always Eats Her Leftovers, And She’s Feeling So Annoyed That She Thinks It’s Time To Start Locking Up Her Food So He Can’t Get To It

Kalim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Are you someone who loves leftovers? For example, let’s say you’re out to dinner with friends and order an entrée for yourself. Do you like to eat it all in one sitting, or do you like to have a bit left to take home and save for later?

One woman prefers to have leftovers for any meal she eats, but recently, her boyfriend and kids have been eating all of them.

She’s 26-years-old and lives with her 27-year-old boyfriend and their two kids. She and her boyfriend have been together for five years, and things have been great. But recently, what her family has been doing to her food is really bothering her.

“My partner constantly eats my leftovers or gives them to the kids. I’m talking quite a few times a month,” she explained.

During mealtimes, she isn’t always able to finish all her food, so she’s a fan of putting aside leftovers and eating them later.

She never wastes food and is sure to eat her leftovers right away. But now, she doesn’t get the chance to, as her food keeps getting stolen. Her family even does this with special treats and drinks she buys for herself. 

The first few times she noticed her family had taken her leftovers, she was irritated but let it slide. Then, when it kept happening, she had a calm talk with her boyfriend, who swore he wouldn’t eat or give her leftovers to the kids again. 

However, her food is still getting taken. Anytime she confronts her boyfriend about it, he comes up with an excuse for why he “had” to take the leftovers and makes her feel bad for getting angry.

The situation is especially irritating because she’s a vegetarian while the rest of her family eats meat.

Kalim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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