Her Brother-In-Law Said She Would Never Be Wife Material Because Of Her Lack Of Skills In The Kitchen, So She Ended Up Humiliating Him And Her Sister At A Family Dinner

This was because she had previously told her mom about how her boyfriend had been teaching her to cut veggies properly, and her mom was eager to see her progress.

After she got started, though, she claimed it was obvious her skills still were not good enough– because her sister just started mocking her.

First, her sister began laughing and calling her chopping horrible. Then, her sister claimed no one would ever eat “ugly chopped lady fingers.”

At that point, her brother-in-law decided to chime in, too– saying that her boyfriend was going to dump her because she wasn’t wife material!

The rude remarks didn’t stop there, though. Instead, her sister kept “joking” and told her boyfriend to find a different girlfriend who could cook well– because if not, then he was going to end up returning home every night to find terrible food.

Thankfully, her boyfriend did step in and defended her after the comment. He claimed that he never expected her to cook since he was more than happy doing it for the both of them.

Still, her brother-in-law just kept going– claiming that she would be a “horrendous” stay-at-home mom if she allowed her boyfriend to do all of the cooking.

Now, by this point, she was already furious. At the same time, her brother got involved, too, and started raising his voice at her sister to leave her alone.

But her sister just would not stop with the rude remarks. So, eventually, she blew up and snapped back at her sister.

“I said not everyone wants to be a college dropout and stay-at-home mom like you, and I told my brother-in-law to wash his own socks and undies first before talking,” she recalled.

Apparently, her comments ended up humiliating her sister and brother-in-law, too. Then, her dad attempted to calm everyone down while she went to her bedroom with her boyfriend.

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