Her Friends Abandoned Her At An Amusement Park For Hours, So She Wants Them To Reimburse Her

“Two of them saw the message and left me on read.”

She stood around and waited to hear back from her friends for almost two hours. Whenever she tried to call them, they didn’t answer her most of the time.

Then, when she did get a hold of them, they’d tell her they were in line for a different ride and claimed they couldn’t get out of it.

“I was fed up, so I decided to go on rides and just enjoy it as it is rather than letting them waste any more of my time,” she said. “I actually even realized that I was happier without them around, and having solo fun is also cool.”

She ended up spending a seven-hour day at Six Flags all by herself. She didn’t hear from her friends until they started calling her back around 6:00 pm, which conveniently happened to be the time they all wanted to go home.

She knew they needed a ride home from her, but she was so angry with them that she let her phone ring and never picked it up. She left the park alone, and her friends kept calling her until around 7:30 pm.

“I am usually a chill person, so I did not blow up and give them the reaction they possibly wanted to get out of using me,” she added.

“Instead, I just texted [the] group that I want my share of the flash pass money back.”

How would you feel if your friends treated you that way?

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