Her Nephew Flushed Her $30,000 Engagement Ring Down The Toilet, And Her Brother Is Claiming He Can’t Afford To Replace It

She and her husband still had the original receipt for the engagement ring, though. So, she decided to call her brother while emailing him a copy of the receipt for proof of cost.

Then, she asked him to reimburse her for the price of her engagement ring– which was a whopping $30,000!

While that is obviously a really expensive piece of jewelry, though, she claimed to believe that her brother and sister-in-law could definitely afford it.

“They don’t make anything near my husband, but they have a combined income of around $250,000,” she explained.

On top of that, her brother and sister-in-law live in a home gifted by their parents which is valued at $3.5 million. So, she figured they had more than enough funds to cover the ring’s cost.

But, as soon as she asked to be reimbursed, the whole situation backfired. Her brother started accusing her of being a complete jerk– claiming that they were family and her nephew was just a kid who made a mistake.

And in the end, her brother just refused to cough up the money for her ring. She was not satisfied with that outcome, though, and decided to stand her ground. In fact, she proceeded to tell her brother that she would be taking him to court for the cash.

“I don’t believe for a second my brother and his wife cannot pay for the cost of my engagement ring,” she admitted.

Her threats of litigation did not sit well with the rest of her family, though. Instead, after everyone found out, they began blowing up her phone– telling her that she needed to let the situation go and that family does not sue family.

Still, she just cannot get over what happened.

“I feel so distraught because my ring holds great sentimental value,” she vented.

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