Her Sister Doesn’t Want Her Son To Wear The Cufflinks He Got From His Late Girlfriend To Her Wedding Because Her Sister Doesn’t Believe They Match A “Traditional American Wedding”

“It’s been tough on him, but Dresyon has amazing friends who have helped him get through this,” she explained.

It is also important to note that while Dreyson’s girlfriend and her parents were all born in the United States, her grandparents were born in Sri Lanka. So, the teen was very connected to her heritage.

In addition to that, Dreyson and his girlfriend loved watching sports together– particularly cricket. He would also go over to her house to eat traditional foods from time to time.

That’s why, for the eighth-grade dance last year, Dreyson’s girlfriend bought him Sri Lanka flag cufflinks online. She also asked that he wear them to the dance.

“He agreed, and it is something he cherishes as a gift from her,” she recalled.

Now, Dresyon did receive a good amount of gifts from his girlfriend– such as other clothing items. But, the cufflinks were the only item that would be appropriate to wear at a formal event, like a wedding.

So, with her sister’s nuptials quickly approaching, she recently took her son to go suit shopping. And after Dresyon found a suit he liked, he decided to wear the Sri Lanka flag cufflinks with it.

According to her, her son is a highly confident person who feels really good about his wedding outfit. Once they got the suit tailored and received the final version, he even snapped a few photos to share on Instagram.

This past Sunday, though, her family was eating dinner at her parent’s house when her son asked her sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law if they wanted to see his wedding outfit.

They ultimately agreed to take a look, but as soon as they saw the outfit, she realized her sister’s face had changed.

Shortly afterward, her sister then wanted to speak with her in private and ultimately asked if Dreyson could not wear the cufflinks to the wedding– because, apparently, they did not match her sister’s “wedding aesthetic.”

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