Her Sister Has Been Lying To Her Therapist About Spending Her Childhood As The Family Scapegoat, But Honestly, Her Sister Was Just So Badly Behaved

Chloe has remained completely contactless with Jen. On the other hand, she and her mom have been taking the time to reconnect with Jen. On a recent trip out for coffee, Jen started telling her about the things she had been talking to her therapist about.

However, once Jen started going in-depth about some childhood things she told her therapist about, she started believing Jen might be lying to her therapist. Jen told her therapist that she was the ‘scapegoat’ growing up and that anything she or Chloe did wrong was pinned on her. 

“This couldn’t be further from the truth,” she explained. “I will admit, at the height of Jen’s spiral, mom did assume everything bad was caused by Jen, but that was because it had been years of the same destructive pattern of behavior.”

When Jen told her that, she couldn’t help but laugh in her face. She told Jen she was glad to hear that she was getting better but that there was no way she was the scapegoat as a child. She was simply terrible when they were growing up.

Jen became very upset and expressed that she was trying to get better. She told Jen that although she appreciates that, she still has to acknowledge how awfully she treated their family in the past.

Jen stormed out of the coffee shop and later sent a text to their family saying that she would not continue being disrespected and that it took her years to uncover their “family dynamic.”

However, she believes the family dynamic Jen came up with is a total lie. Was she wrong to laugh in Jen’s face, or did she give her the reminder she deserved?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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