He’s Completing His Residency, And He Got Into A Fight With Some Of His Family Members After They Called Themselves Doctors, Because They’re Not

Although he’s proud of his cousins for becoming professionals, he still can’t agree that what they do is anywhere equal to being a physician. 

Andy got really angry and called him arrogant. Kayla agreed with him but also pointed out that studying to be a nurse practitioner can be just as hard as going to medical school and that nurse practitioners are often treated as less than because it’s a historically female career path.

Finally, their grandpa interrupted their argument and told them all to stop. He told Kayla and Andy that they needed to stop calling themselves doctors.

Later in the day, Kayla told him that he was uninvited to the grand opening of her private practice next month.

“She said she only wanted people who would cheer her on to attend, and she felt it was best if I skipped,” he said. 

Should he not have corrected his cousins when they called themselves doctors?

You can read the original post on Reddit here. 

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