He’s Hilariously Talking About How Boys Go About Texting Back Girls

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re messaging someone you like, you want to make sure that you’re delivering well-crafted texts. So who do you turn to for help? Your best friends, of course!

But girls aren’t the only ones who consult their entire friend group before sending their crush a text. Guys do it, too!

In a hilarious TikTok posted by an account that goes by the handle @famousbachelors, one guy named Sam had a whole crew of his buddies help him construct a text to a girl he was planning a date with.

In the video, their text conversation was projected onto a large screen so his friends could analyze the messages more thoroughly.

When the girl gave Sam her number, everyone erupted into cheers, and one of Sam’s friends can be seen high-fiving him in excitement.

Then, the video cut to Sam’s friend reading the girl’s text messages aloud. She wrote, “Hey Sam!! How’s it going? Also, were you serious about the coffee date lol?”

Everyone put their heads together to aid Sam in typing up the perfect response. So far, he had written, “Good now that I’m making progress on my bucket list.”

Sam’s friend urged him to add a coffee emoji and a skull emoji. Sam vetoed the skull emoji and opted for a pink heart instead.

The girl replied that she wasn’t available on Friday, but she could do “tomorrow or Sunday!!” In response, Sam wrote, “Tomorrow works! Does 5 pm at FRGMT in Eden Prairie work?

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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