His Daughter Was Given A “Boy’s Part” In Her School Play, And He’s Not Sure If He Should Ask Her Teacher To Change The Costume To Something More Feminine

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This man is currently a single father to his three children. He has two sons, Eddie and Luke, who are 14 and 12-years-old, respectively. He also has a 10-year-old daughter named Amy.

Now, Amy is currently in fifth grade. And at her school, the fifth-grade students always put on a large play during the springtime.

It’s also important to note that since his daughter’s school is so small, every student gets a part in the play.

This year, though, Amy was one of the only girls who was given a “boys part,” meaning that her character is a male who wears a guy’s costume.

Honestly, though, his daughter does not want to be in the play if she has to wear a “boy’s outfit.” And part of that stems back to her recent experience at school.

Apparently, he became a single dad after his wife passed away. And ever since then, his family has been struggling financially.

“And me being the breadwinner and the cost of living in our state means we don’t have extra money for things like clothes or gifts,” he explained.

That’s why much of his daughter’s clothes are hand-me-downs from his sons. And because of that, Amy has been having some trouble at school. Apparently, his daughter’s classmates have been bullying her for wearing his sons’ old items.

Now, he has been trying to work with the school to resolve the bullying. But, nothing really seems to work except removing his daughter from school– which he knows is not a real option.

arts – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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