His Girlfriend Has Been Pretending To Be Vegan, But He Got Fed Up And Finally Called Her Out In Front Of Her Friend - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man has a girlfriend named Michaela, who has been a vegetarian for as long as she has been in his life.

Michaela is very serious about being a vegetarian, and she’s the kind of person who will check and make sure that any complimentary food at a restaurant contains zero meat.

A few months ago, Michaela met a friend at work named Sheila. Sheila happens to be a vegan, and she strictly follows this.

“Sheila is a vegan and doesn’t even want to be around a place where cheese might exist,” he explained.

“She’s been chatting with my girlfriend, Michaela, frequently, and Michaela apparently has been telling Sheila and their other workmates that Michaela is a vegan. She’s gone so far as to put on Facebook ridiculous posts such as, “loving my vegan lifestyle!” “Salads for lunch, being a vegan is great!”

“The whole time she’s making these comments, I’ll see her eating cheese, drinking milk, etc. She’s still keeping with her vegetarian diet but is definitely not a vegan by any stretch of the term.”

Despite how obnoxious Michaela has been about pretending to be vegan, he tried to stay out of it.

But yesterday at Easter dinner, he finally had had enough, and he called Michaela out in front of Sheila for pretending to be vegan.

He and Michaela had Easter at their house this year, and Michaela invited Sheila to come along. He really isn’t a fan of Sheila, and when Sheila walked into their house and made negative comments about some of the dishes they made for Easter, that just made him dislike her even more. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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