One Of Her Classmates Expects Her To Buy A Brand New Dress For Their Prom Because She’s Afraid Her Dress Looks Too Much Like A Wedding Dress

Inna Darda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old girl is currently in high school, and she will be graduating pretty soon. The school that she goes to is on the smaller side, and her upcoming prom and graduation ceremony will be on the exact same evening since it’s not that big of a high school.

She has already purchased her prom dress, which is very formal and a champagne color.

Unfortunately, one of her classmates is now expecting her to go out and purchase a completely new dress for her high school graduation and prom.

“A couple from my grade just got engaged and announced they’re going to get married the weekend after graduation,” she explained.

“The problem is, the bride-to-be is planning to wear white to prom and asked that I get a new dress because mine is too “bridal” and would take away attention from her.”

After she told this classmate of hers that she would not be buying a new dress in order to not outshine her, this classmate got upset.

Her classmate and all of her classmate’s friends are now being super rude and nasty towards her because of her refusal to purchase a new dress in a completely different color.

“It would be timely and costly to sell mine and buy a new dress, and I really love the one I bought,” she said.

Due to the reaction of her classmate and classmate’s friends, though, she really beginning to doubt that she’s doing the right thing by intending to wear her champagne colored dress to her prom and her graduation ceremony.

Inna Darda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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