She Got Really Upset With Her Fiancé After Finding Out That He Left Their Baby Alone In A Stroller While He Was Jogging

Olga Gimaeva - - illustrative purposes only - not the actual child

With all the scary stories on the news today, many people with young children never want to leave them unsupervised. 

One woman recently became very upset with her fiancé after finding out that he left their baby in her stroller under a tree while he jogged around their local park.

She and her fiancé have a one-year-old daughter together. Recently, while she was at work one afternoon, her fiancé decided to take their daughter to the park in her stroller.

He told her that while they were at the park, he had their daughter in her stroller and decided he wanted to go for a jog around the running track.

This puzzled her since they don’t have a jogging stroller for their baby.

“He said he left her under a shaded tree while he ran around the track,” she recalled.

“I was pretty adamant to him that this was not ok, and I did not want him to do that ever again.”

He tried explaining why he felt it was safe to leave his daughter under the tree. The park sits near an elementary school, and the running track where he had her is fenced in.

He also mentioned that at the time, there was no one else around except for some high school kids who were outside to grab some lunch and a few elderly people.

Olga Gimaeva – – illustrative purposes only – not the actual child

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