She Ordered 500 Stickers And Put Them All Over Her House In Order To Teach Her Two Adult Children A Lesson After They Wouldn’t Stop Messing With Her Expensive Prescription Shampoo

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Is there a self-care or toiletry product you use all the time and spend a lot of money on? Many of us have a product or item that is very special to us. When someone uses or messes with it, it’s one of the most annoying things in the world. 

One woman recently had to teach her two children a lesson after they wouldn’t stop messing with her expensive prescription shampoo.

She’s a mom of two, a son and a daughter, and both live with her. One of them has graduated from college, and the other is a junior. 

She has a scalp condition, so she has to routinely pay for an expensive special shampoo that she gets a prescription for.

It comes in a bottle specifically meant to be kept upright, and each bottle costs $80. If the bottle is upside down or on its side, the product will leak out, which is like money going down the drain. 

Both of her kids have products in the same bathroom, and she’s always respected them and never touched anything. 

“I have zero desire to smell like a high school locker room,” she said.

However, no matter how many times she’s told them not to, her kids always move around her things and store her expensive shampoo bottles upside down.

“They have already wasted an entire bottle of my shampoo by storing it upside down after they touched it for some reason,” she explained. “It all dripped out the spout.”

face_reader_img – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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