She Wants To Bring A Gift For Her Daughter To Unwrap At Her Sister’s Baby Shower Because Her Daughter Is Having Trouble Sharing The Attention With The New Baby

DariaTrofimova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman currently has an 8-year-old daughter– who just so happens to be the only grandchild on both sides of their family.

So, her daughter is very loved (and used to getting everyone’s attention). That’s why, after her sister announced that she was pregnant, her daughter had a seriously difficult time sharing the attention with another child.

In fact, her daughter would get upset whenever anyone touched her sister’s baby bump or even just talked about the baby.

Plus, her daughter would get especially frustrated whenever people bought her sister’s baby something without also buying her daughter an item, too.

Now, she admits to knowing that her daughter’s behavior is not right.

“But I feel like my daughter is struggling,” she said.

She has tried reassuring her daughter and reading her books. And she even attempted to speak with her daughter’s pediatrician.

Unfortunately, though, none of her efforts have worked. So, with her sister’s baby shower quickly approaching, she is getting pretty concerned.

Apparently, her sister is due to give birth in just a few weeks. That’s why her sister’s mother-in-law decided to throw a last-minute baby shower that even she only just became aware of.

DariaTrofimova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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