She Wants To Move Out Of Her Mom And Dad’s House But Isn’t Sure If It Would Be The Best Thing For Her 1-Year-Old Daughter, As She’s Afraid She’s Robbing Her Of A Nicer Life

Alen-D - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 19-year-old woman currently has a daughter who is just 1-year-old. And ever since her daughter was born, they have lived at her parent’s house.

As time passes, though, she is getting more frustrated with her current situation.

“I don’t know how much longer I can live here,” she revealed.

That’s why she has been planning to leave and finally start her own life for a very long time.

According to her, she played her cards perfectly, as well. Apparently, she finishes her school semester in just four weeks. She has also had a job and has been paying for her and her daughter’s expenses.

In her mind, she wanted to be as independent as possible while living with her parents before making the jump and moving out.

That way, she can get used to having some responsibilities instead of everything being thrown on her plate all at once.

And more recently, she found a place to live– which is about four hours away. She also spoke to her employer and was approved for a location switch. Finally, she plans to enroll at a university that is nearby her new place.

Plus, she was approved to move out there in early to mid-May– which is just around the corner.

Alen-D – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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