She Was Insulted, Had A Near-Death Experience, Got Ditched At A Club, And Was Drooled On All In One Date

carles - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Model Biz Betzing (@biz.betzing) went on a rollercoaster of a date. She was insulted, had a near-death experience, got ditched at a club, and was drooled on all in one night. Sounds wild, right?

To hear Biz Betzing tell it, another model tried asking her out while she was working on a shoot. She turned him down, but he refused to take no for an answer.

So finally, she agreed to a date so he would stop hounding her and interrupting her work.

When he picked her up for the date, he arrived on his motorbike. On the way, he ran a red light going 70 miles per hour, and they were almost hit by a car.

By the time they got to the club, she was still shaking with fear.

At the club, her date left her behind to chat with a bunch of other people he knew there. To make up for ditching her, he offered to buy her a purse.

Of course, that was insulting to her because it’s not like she couldn’t afford to buy her own purse. Plus, how does that fix what’s turning out to be the worst date ever?

Anyways, he took her to a different club where he kept pushing her to drink even though she didn’t want to. Then, he kissed her, and the kiss was sloppy and just downright nasty.

“I had drool all over, everywhere, and I was literally so disgusted. And then he goes, ‘Don’t worry, baby. I’ll teach you how to kiss,'” she recalled.

carles – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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