She’s Furious That Her Husband Took The Cash She Had Been Saving For Her Cats To Take His Own Dog To The Vet

Konstantin Aksenov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This woman currently has four cats that she originally fostered but wound up keeping. And ever since she decided to take the cats in for good, she has been saving up money to get them fixed and up to date on their shots.

In addition to the four cats, her husband has also had a dog for two years.

“I say ‘his dog’ not because I do not love her to bits, but because she is most definitely a one-person dog, and she hands down prefers my husband,” she explained.

Apparently, her husband and his dog are practically attached at the hip. Plus, the pup suffers from anxiety whenever he is gone and will actually wait in the crate until her husband gets home.

So, while her husband’s dog will interact with her briefly, the pup really is not interested.

Anyway, she finally reached her saving goal for her cats’ vet bills quite recently. And she decided to store the funds– which totaled about $400– in a shoe box in her closet.

Her husband was aware of the shoe box, too, and knew exactly what the cash was meant for.

After she went to check on her money before scheduling a vet appointment the other day, though, she realized all of the cash was gone.

“My husband was also gone, as was his dog,” she added. “But this wasn’t exactly abnormal. Her brings her everywhere he can.”

Konstantin Aksenov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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