She’s Refusing To Invite Her Sister To Her Wedding Because Her Sister Won’t Apologize For Severely Bullying Her Fiancé In High School And College

ribalka yuli - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman has a 24-year-old sister named Kayley, who is reportedly an entitled, self-centered bully. And according to her, Kayley’s behavior is a product of their parents.

Growing up, if her sister ever got a bad grade, her parents would threaten to get Kayley’s teachers fired.

So, any of her sister’s bad behavior would just get swept under the rug at school since no one wanted to deal with her parents.

And at home, there were reportedly no boundaries set for Kayley, either. So, she has been forced to limit her communication with both her sister and her parents since she believes their enablement of Kayley’s behavior has only gotten worse.

In August, though, she and her 25-year-old fiancé named Joseph will be getting married. But unfortunately, more drama involving her sister has been threatening to ruin their big day.

Back when she first started dating Joseph, she learned that her sister Kayley had actually severely bullied him while he was in high school. Plus, even after her fiancé went to college, her sister continued cyberbullying him.

After finding that out, both she and Joseph tried to confront Kayley about what had happened. But, her sister has never apologized and refuses to acknowledge that the bullying ever happened.

Instead, Kayley would say things like, “Well, even if I did do that, he should get over it,” or “That was all the way back during the pandemic; he should have learned to take a joke by now.”

Earlier this year, though, one of Kayley’s friends unexpectedly passed away. According to her, Kayley used to hang out with that friend every single day but lost touch after high school. So, the loss reportedly affected Kayley.

ribalka yuli – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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