She’s Super Frustrated That Her Roommate’s Boyfriend Won’t Stop Parking His Car In Her Driveway And Stealing Her Spot

“Even though she really needs one to get to her classes and internship, A’s parents do not want her to buy a new one, and she can’t currently afford to buy one herself,” she explained.

“Instead, she has her boyfriend drive her wherever she needs to go.”

What she didn’t expect was that A’s boyfriend would be over at their house almost every single day for at least six hours and sometimes overnight.

Whenever he’s there, he parks in the driveway. She and her other roommates also have long-term boyfriends, but none of them park in the driveway.

Everyone else in the house figured that because A doesn’t have her own car anymore, someone whose name is on the lease of the house would be able to use that parking spot. However, A disagrees. 

Instead, A thinks that since she was promised the spot before move-in, her boyfriend should be allowed to park there because they technically share a car. 

They’ve politely asked A and her boyfriend to move his car so someone else can park there multiple times and have had no luck. They’ve been completely stubborn, and this debacle has been going on for almost a year. 

“The other four of us think that if the spot should go to somebody, it should be someone whose name is on the lease for our house, as three of us could really use that extra driveway spot,” she said.

Things recently blew up when one of her roommates came home and was infuriated after seeing A’s boyfriend parked in their driveway yet again. 

“She said that if it happens one more time, she will be calling the police,” she recalled.

“I really don’t want the cops to get involved, but I am kinda fed up with him parking there, and [I] feel a little disrespected that she won’t just ask him to move.”

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