This ER Veterinarian Is Talking About The 5 Things He Will Absolutely Not Do With His Dog

rugercm - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

Taking care of a dog isn’t as easy as one might think. So when we see a devoted dog owner, we can’t help but smile because it’s just so heartwarming.

But even the most loving of dog parents might be exposing their dogs to potential harm without realizing it.

An emergency room veterinarian and TikToker named Marcus (@thefriendlyvet) is explaining what  things he absolutely will never do with his dog, Charlie.

According to Dr. Marcus, here are five things you should avoid if you want to take better care of your pet.

Number one: do not go to any dog parks. This one might be hard to wrap your head around because people often consider going to a dog park as a chance to let their pet roam freely and get in some exercise.

However, a dog park can actually be a very dangerous place. It’s possible to catch all kinds of diseases over there, not to mention the potential of your dog getting into a fight with another dog.

Dr. Marcus has stitched up too many bite wounds during his time as a veterinarian to risk a trip to the dog park with Charlie.

Number two: never give your dog a bone or bully stick. They are a choking hazard and can cause a fractured tooth or two. Instead, try dental sticks.

Number three: never walk your dog without a leash. All it takes is one squirrel or stray tennis ball for your dog to run into the middle of a busy street. Even if your dog does not tend to wander off, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

rugercm – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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