This Recipe For Mini Chicken Alfredo Pizzas Is Sure To Ignite Your Appetite

TikTok - @mxriyum

Are you in need of a Saturday night dinner that will ignite your appetite? Try making these mini chicken Alfredo pizzas! The soft, pillowy pizza crust and creamy Alfredo sauce are to die for.

TikToker Mariam (@mxriyum) has a recipe for these super flavorful mini chicken Alfredo pizzas prepared using dough made from scratch and a homemade Alfredo sauce.

First, make the sauce. In a pan, sauté minced garlic in eight tablespoons of melted butter for about two to three minutes.

It’s up to you how much garlic you want to include. In my opinion, the more garlic there is, the better!

Then, throw in a cup of heavy cream, four ounces of grated parmesan cheese, and the seasonings: salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.

When everything is all melted together, set it aside to work on the dough. In a large bowl, add a tablespoon of active dry yeast, two tablespoons of sugar, a cup of warm water, and a cup of all-purpose flour.

Mix the ingredients together, then cover the bowl with a cloth or paper towel and let it rest for ten minutes.

After ten minutes, add the rest of the dough ingredients: one and a half cups of all-purpose flour, two teaspoons of salt, and a quarter cup of olive oil.

Combine everything until the mixture achieves a thick, doughy consistency. Knead it for ten to twelve minutes with your hands, or use a stand mixer if you have one.

Once you have created a large, smooth ball of dough, set it on a lightly floured surface, and cover it for fifteen minutes.

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