A Guy Asked Her Out On A Movie Date, But Then He Claimed He Couldn’t Find Her, And She Started To Get Some Sketchy Vibes

Colin - - illustrative purposes only

A 30-year-old woman went on a first date to the movies; however, her date never ended up showing, and she was getting a lot of sketchy vibes from him. Thankfully, nothing dreadful happened, and she made it home safely.

TikTok user Laura (@lauramuzzarelli) is sharing a bad date story about a guy she met a month ago. The guy was actually her waiter at a Mexican restaurant.

Laura and her friend were dining at the restaurant, and at the end of their meal, he handed Laura a note asking for her phone number.

A hopeless romantic to her core, Laura gave him her number. Later, they started texting but came across some communication problems.

His English wasn’t the greatest, and Laura’s Spanish speaking skills weren’t up to par either. But they made it work, and soon enough, he was asking her out on a date.

He left the decision of when and where to Laura, so she picked a movie, figuring that it was her safest bet since she had never hung out with this man before.

They planned to meet in the movie theater lobby at 7:15, five minutes before the movie started. Then, he asked if she was going to bring a friend with her so it wouldn’t just be the two of them.

Laura found his question odd but chalked it up to possible communication issues or cultural differences.

The next evening, Laura showed up at the movie theater early and informed him that she was waiting in the lobby and wearing a pink sweater.

Colin – – illustrative purposes only

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