A Single Mom With Two Kids Insisted Her Tardy Date Pay For Her Kids To Have Take Out, But He Refused

cherryandbees - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A TikTok account run by Monique Santos (@moniquesantos09) shared a video that captured a heated argument in a restaurant between two people on their first date.

The woman, who is a single mother of two kids, believed that the man should pay for her kids’ dinner since he showed up an hour and a half late for their date. And the man felt that he was not obligated to buy food for her kids on the first date.

The video began with them having a discussion about all the food the woman ordered. She claimed that he owed her the meals for keeping her waiting for so long.

“Aren’t they with their daddy?” he retorted, causing a waitress walking past their table to burst into laughter.

The woman asked the waitress to put in an order of steak and potatoes while the man objected. He declared that he was only paying for two meals–hers and his own.

She continued demanding that he pay for her kids’ food as well because he owed her. He offered to take her out on a second date to make up for his tardiness, but he refused to buy extra meals.

She told the waitress to proceed with the order as the man tried to stop her. He pointed out that he had never even met her kids, so he had no obligation to feed them.

After some more back and forth, he headed to the kitchen to tell the waitress not to put the order in and requested the check for his dinner.

Another staff member instructed him to leave the kitchen because he was not allowed to be back there and said the server would take care of it.

cherryandbees – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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