Every Time She And Her Husband Are Invited Out To Eat With Her In-Laws, They’re Expected To Pay, So The Last Time This Happened, She Told Her Husband They Should Stop Footing The Bill

Marcos - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 37-year-old woman and her husband claim that they are amateur foodies.

While they don’t really know anything special about the food, they both just really enjoy good meals and trying out new restaurants.

They are also fortunate enough to lead a lifestyle that allows them to go out to eat whenever they please. Plus, they live in an area that just so happens to have a ton of unique restaurants and good food.

But they don’t just like to experience new cuisines together. Instead, they also enjoy sharing the experience with others.

So, she and her husband decided to start inviting either her parents or his parents out to eat with them.

“We take them out maybe once every three or four months, not including celebrations. And because we invite, we always pay,” she explained.

Just a few months ago, though, her in-laws decided to invite her and her husband out for a change. Her in-laws selected a restaurant that they really enjoyed near their house.

And even though the joint was not a restaurant she or her husband would normally select, they figured it was her in-laws’ attempt to “join in on the fun” and show them something new.

So, they wound up going to dinner as a group. But, to her total surprise, her mother-in-law just slid the bill over to her husband after they finished eating without even looking at the damage.

Marcos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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